About Tree Earrings

Tree earring bird feeders are the work of Nicole Cosgrove who’s background is in design for theatre and film and as a scenic artist.

These practical, graceful and light hearted bird feeders are living kinetic sculptures, all you do is add the bird food.

The shapes and colours are inspired by nature and are perfect artwork for any outdoor space, from urban courtyards and terraces to large country gardens. They can be hung anywhere from tree branches to balconies.
New Zealand birds love feeding from the tree earrings; the movement of the feeders and being able to cling on anywhere, is just what they’re used to in the natural world.

Fill the feeders with chopped fruit, nectar, seeds or fat balls and the birds will come back again and again. Spend some quiet time watching the birds feeding, its so relaxing and a very simple way of being happy.

Tree earrings make a perfect present for older friends or distant family. They are individually and carefully handcrafted from sustainable and up-cycled materials and are proudly made here in New Zealand.


Tree earring bird feeders are inspired by the landscape and the bird life around my garden in Akatarawa Valley just north of Wellington.

The shapes and colours come from the bush and the river I see everyday. From my home studio I might be lucky enough to see Miromiro pouncing around the vegetable garden and Kereru tipping off a straggly Broom, and we get Shining Cuckoo back in the summer. But I get equal enjoyment from watching shy chaffinches finally landing on the hanging feeders or just watching sparrows on the ground and appreciating their soft colouring.

These are moments that enhance my day and its something we can all share by hanging a feeder in a special spot somewhere around the home where we can quietly watch the birds feeding. It’s a simple thing, it makes you happy and keeps you in touch with the natural world.

Birds can always do with a helping hand to find food especially in winter All the tree earrings are tested and approved by the birds in my garden.