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What Birds Eat

I get so many questions about what to fed the birds. So here is a bit of information that might be useful. It’s based around the birds that visit Wellington gardens but should cover most you commonly see. Tui and Bellbirds or Koromiko mainly feed on nectar from many native and introduced plant species so will feed on sugar water from bird feeders.They also eat fruit and they glean invertebrates like insects and spiders If Hihi or Stichbird visit, they feed on fruits and nectar but also on invertebrates. Silver eye or Wax eye are omnivorous and feed on fruit and berries, nectar and a wide range of insects. They [...]

Welcome to Spring from Sisterhouse

It’s been a while in the making and we wanted to have more beautiful images and videos of the birds in the Tree Earrings, so we bought a Canon 5D and set the tripod up , feeling a bit like Attenbourgh in Akatarawa. The small dog was helpful with the soundscape, as was Radio National some mornings, but after 4 months of dedicated bird watching we are so happy to have some great images of all the feeders for the new website. We’ve been working on new designs in the collection including gorgeous paua shell feeders - that brilliant colour , and we have some great books to offer, as [...]

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