Frequently Asked Questions

Where are tree earrings made?

In the beautiful Akatarawa Valley, north of Wellington, New Zealand.


How are tree earrings made?

Sisterhouse is proudly artisan, all the tree earrings are individually handmade. I have become a metal worker with a love of fine pliers and sharp side cutters. All the design and manufacture takes place in my workroom at the bottom of the garden.


How did the idea for Sisterhouse tree earrings start?

With a twist of chicken wire in the garden one day and the thought it could be perfect as a bird feeder.


How do I hang a tree earring?

Find a small branch on a tree or shrub and hang it from the loop or wrap it around loosely using the hanging wire. Or hang by the loop from a hook on a balcony, veranda or pergola etc.

What materials are used to make tree earrings?

We like to up cycle unwanted objects like discarded muffin trays and gem tins. Natural shell, grown gourds, wood and bamboo are all part of the mix to make beautiful bird feeders as well as common materials like hex netting and sheet metal.


How are the netting tree earring bird feeders protected for the outdoors?

The tree earrings are made from galvanised metal and wire then given a baked on powder coat for colour, durability and rust resistance just like exterior aluminium joinery.


What is powder coating?

It’s an eco-friendly, durable, dry colour coating containing no VOC’s and is applied to exterior metals for protection and long life. You can find out more by going to


What can I feed the birds in my garden? is a great resource for what to feed both native and introduced birds in New Zealand. This includes fruit, sugar water, vegetable, beef and mutton fat, especially in the winter. Also cereals, softened raisins and sultanas and wild bird seed mixes.


Do I need to clean my tree earring?

Yes, regularly cleaning out your tree earring will prevent bacteria building up and protect the birds from harm.

How long will it take for me to receive my Tree Earring?

Generally the designs and colours are in stock and can be shipped within 4 days. Very infrequently your tree earring has to be made for you and may take a little longer. We’ll send an email if this needs to happen.


Can the tree earring be sent as a gift?

Yes, just tell us the postal address of the recipient anywhere in New Zealand and we will send it. We’ll email you the order information.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes, email us with the address and the tree earring you want to send we’ll find the best shipping price and get back to you.


Where are your shops?

You can easily buy your tree earring on line here. In Wellington Sisterhouse is a member of South Coast Collective, 93a Aro Street, Te Aro. We have a great selection of the bird feeder designs, bird food and bird ID books as well. I’m personally in the store 2 days a month so come in for a visit if you want to chat about birds with me. Locally, TigerLily Gift store in Upper Hutt stocks a selection of the designs.

For up coming fairs and markets go to the blog page for the current seasons news letter and for other stockists contact us on [email protected]