Netting Feeders

Netting Feeders

Nectar & Seed Bird Feeders

Nectar & Seed Feeders

Latest Designs

Latest Designs

Sisterhouse tree earrings. Original art for the garden.

Watching the birds in your garden is a delight.

Helping to feed the birds is a way to share with nature.

Cascade Tree Earring Bird Feeder


Perch Nectar Earring Bird Feeder

Perch Nectar Ring

Oat & Fruit Recipe

Oat & Fruit Recipe

Frill Nest Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Frill Nest

Paua Dish Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Paua Dish

Large Perch Pendant Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Large Perch Pendant

Nectar Ring Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Nectar Ring

Peanut & Seed Ball Recipe

Peanut & Seed Ball Recipe

Salver Tree Earring Bird Feeder


Mini Nectar Tree Earring Bird Feeder


Brass Basket Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Perch Pendant

Gourd Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Terracotta Dish

Swivel Drop Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Swivel Drop

Double Drop Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Double Drop

Brass Basket Tree Earring Bird Feeder

Brass Basket

Gourd Tree Earring Bird Feeder



I only wanted to let you know what great joy my tree earring has brought me. I spend ages just watching the wax eyes squabbling over apple, sometimes three and four at a time. I absolutely love it.

Julie from Wellington

I brought a red bird feeder at the Wellington market yesterday, just thought I would let you know that it’s hanging in the trees in Kaikoura and being used yeah, the sweet wee birdies found it. Thanks

Gwenda in Kaikoura

Thank you so much for sending such a treasure. It was not necessary, but very much appreciated. It is so beautifully made. Our clever Silver Eyes have found it already! They love the survival rations from a life raft.


Just a quick note to say what a great product… got one as an early Christmas present, took 3 days but birds now into it… my friend bought several at your market have just checked out your website some great info re feeding…Love it thank you


A girlfriend gave me one of your Frill Nest Tree Earring Bird Feeders a couple of years ago. Sadly she passed away this year. The bird feeder brings me so much joy as I watch the wax eyes feed from it and think of my beautiful kind girlfriend.


Mine is still going strong even after the horrendous winds we’ve had. Those wee birds are very appreciative and are always around checking it out. I can get quite close to them now.

Yvonne in Porirua

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